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 If you're planning your wedding, you've probably heard the following phrase too many times than you dare to count: 'something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue'. This is, of course, a reference as to the four things a bride should have on her wedding day; tradition dictating that each item brings a luck and significance to the day, and blesses the marriage for the future. 

It's a quaint tradition that has nevertheless survived the test of time, and many modern brides still follow the famous rhyme. Yet during the planning of the wedding, sometimes it can seem that adhering to an old-fashioned tradition is just one more hassle – and this is one aspect you really do not need to become stressed about. 

When trying to think of the items to fill each of the stipulated criteria, keep it simple. If you're pressed for time and worry, 'something old' can simply be your engagement ring, and 'something new' can be your wedding dress. It isn't specific, but it nevertheless fills traditional requirements. For the borrowed item, ensure you check with the person you will be borrowing from and have the item safe in your possession prior to the wedding day itself. Extend the same attitude to the something blue; keep it simple, such as blue stones in earrings or a blue garter. 

Remember, this is a nice tradition and there's no harm in keeping to it – but wedding planning is stressful, so try and keep it in perspective. Be simple and effective in your choices, and then focus on the aspects of the wedding that require full attention.

What Do To: Something Old, Something New... 

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